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Are you tired of missing memories and moments with your kids because you’re stuck working long shifts at a job you no longer love? Are you trying to grow your side hustle so you can be more present as a wife and mom, but you worry about walking away from a stable, reliable income for the uncertainty of Mompreneur life? Do you desperately desire more freedom and flexibility but you struggle to find time for ALL THE THINGS? Like how can you grow a business when you don’t even have time to tie your shoes??? Are you starting to doubt that work life balance is even a real thing? I feel you mama…. And I’m so excited you’re here! This podcast is going to help you turn your chaos into clarity, grow your online business (or start it!), AND be available and present for your family as you confidently break the chains of your 9-5 (or your 6-6 or 8-7) and walk into that freedom and flexibility you deserve! Hi, I’m Amanda. A twin mom, wife, dental hygienist, Master Certified Life Coach and Mompreneur. As a dental hygienist, I was unfulfilled at work, burned out, and I felt like my job was stealing the best of me while my family got the rest of me. I saw online business as my way out of the 9-5 grind, so I dove head first into Mompreneurship on my lunch breaks and after my kids went to bed, determined to create more freedom and flexibility for my family. But Mompreneur life wasn’t easy and I found myself struggling to balance it all as I chased down freedom. I felt like I had to choose between showing up as the present wife and mom I wanted to be or building a successful business. Through a ton of coaching and even more prayer, I finally realized that it IS possible to be both a present mom and a successful entrepreneur. And I’m here to show you exactly HOW by sharing all of the time management tips, productivity hacks, non-negotiable habits, simple systems and (most importantly!) mindset shifts you need to grow your online business too. If you are ready to finally build that business on your lunch hour (or between patients or after the kids go to bed!)... be totally present at home… AND still get a full night’s sleep!.... This podcast is for you! Grab your coffee, your air pods and your notebook and let’s go!

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Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

The kids are going back to school, and so the season is shifting... You're getting back to a more rigid routine, your dialing down in your business and you're heading for a season of growth. 
Our businesses go through seasons, just as we are moving from Summer to Fall right now. Transitions can be hard. There's no doubt about that. 
But there are some things that you can do to make this shift in seasons easier- that means more joy, less stress, less overwhelm, less burnout, and MORE SUCCESS. 
I'm here for that just as much as I'm here for the chilly weather coming our way soon! 
In this episode I'm sharing 3 tips to help you transition seasons in your business. 
So grab your notebook, grab your coffee, and let's GOOOOOO! 
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Tuesday Jul 25, 2023

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Judgement may be one of the BIGGEST roadblocks to success. 
The truth is this- as women we judge ourselves, and that judgement often times stops us from chasing our dreams. 
Almost every "excuse" you make- it stems from judgement. And as a result, you're settling in your life. 
This is an episode you're going to want to listen to! It's a message from my heart, so I get a little fired up.... fair warning! 
I share with you exactly how you're judging your way to failure, plus how you can right that ship, stop the judgement and start creating a life by design instead of living life by default. 
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Friday Jul 14, 2023

You have 5 months left. 
5 months left to make massive progress towards your goals so that you can live a different life in 2024. Or 5 months left to continue to make excuses for why you aren't living the life of your dreams. 
Whether you're wanting to pay off debt, pay for that vacation, quit your 9-5, retire your husband, buy the land or build the house.... whatever your goals and dreams are, you can make massive progress towards achieving those goals in the last 5 months of 2023. 
In this episode, I'm going to share with you HOW. 
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Wednesday Jul 12, 2023

Have you thought about starting that business? Pursuing that dream? Going after that opportunity? But you just haven't pulled the trigger?? 
Is there a desire on your heart for more? More time freedom, more financial freedom? 
Then, mama, what's stopping you??? 
The truth is, there are 4 major stops that hold women back from pursuing their dreams and ultimately- changing their lives! 
In this episode I'll share the 4 most common things that stop you from starting that business and chasing those dreams- and how you can navigate past these stops! 
Mama, you were meant for more. You CAN have that life you're dreaming of! This episode is going to show you HOW! 
Episode references: Episode 45: Tired of Fighting With Your Husband About Your Business? Tell Him THIS! 
35. Your husband doesn’t support your business... and it might actually be your fault!
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Friday Jul 07, 2023

We are halfway through Summer and right now there are 2 camps of Moms... 1. Counting down the days until school starts back up or 2. Holding onto Summer for as long as possible. 
While neither camp is right or wrong, I think both camps can agree that we all just want to make more quality memories with our kids. Whether you're a SAHM, Work from home Mom or Full time working Mom, we just want quality time with our babies. 
In this episode, I'm sharing 7 tips that will help you to spend more quality time with your kids- this Summer and beyond. 
These tips don't require "extra time" because I know none of us have any of that! 
These tips are simple tips that you can start implementing into your day to day right now. 
So grab your air pods, a cup of coffee, and let's dive in! 
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Wednesday Jun 28, 2023

You spend over 500 hours in your car during your commute every year! 
What could you do with an extra 500 hours each year? 
How could you use those 500 hours to grow your business? 
In this episode, I'm sharing with you 3 tips on how to use your commute time to grow your side hustle. 
Episode links: 
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Friday Jun 23, 2023

Lack of motivation in your business can be very normal- I would say ALL business owners have experienced this at one point or another. 
Lack of motivation isn't the problem necessarily- but the problem arises when we allow the lack of motivation to prevent us from taking focused and inspired action. Not to mention a lack of motivation in our business can create frustration and overwhelm that spills over into the rest of our life.
In this Minisode, I'll share 3 questions you need to ask yourself when you find yourself in a space where you're lacking motivation in your business. 
Episode Links: My FAVORITE Task Management Software (Meister Task)
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Tuesday Jun 20, 2023

Are you feeling burned out? 
Have your results plateaued? 
Did you think you'd be farther ahead than you are right now? 
If so, maybe all you really need is a 30 day reset for your side hustle! 
In this episode I'm going to share with you exactly how to do just that with one of my favorite time management and productivity hacks! PS... this hack can work in any area of your life! Think your health routine, your relationships, or even keeping a tidy home! 
So if you're ready to reset your business so that you can kick start your income and your productivity.... without spending more time on your business, then grab your air pods, your notebook, and your coffee, and let's do this, friend! 
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Friday Jun 16, 2023

Doubt leads to disobedience. 
And disobedience prevents you from living out your true calling, from living in alignment and from experiencing as much joy as possible. 
Listen in to this episode to learn how to identify doubt as soon as it shows up and how to prevent it from influencing your actions. 
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PS... I'm thinking about giving these Minisodes a permanent weekly appearance, but I want to know if YOU are loving these Minisodes as much as I am! 
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Tuesday Jun 13, 2023

The saying goes, "It takes a village." 
But what if you're raising babies without a village? 
In today's episode, I'm bringing on Cheyanne Cleyman to share 3 tips with you if you're raising babies without a village. 
Cheyanne is raising her 2 boys and bonus daughter 7,000 away from her family! She is an American Mom currently living in Belgium with her husband. Cheyanne's mission is to help Moms around the globe find their Momtuition and be empowered and confident in their Motherhood journey. 
I can't wait for you to listen to this episode! I know it's going to bless you! 
Connect with Cheyanne on IG @the.energized.mama 
Join her Facebook group:
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Hi, Friend!! 

Let me introduce myself- I'm a wife, twin mama, Master Certified Life & Business Coach, Speaker and Podcast Host!

I'm a personal development junkie, my hair is always in a top knot, coffee always in hand, and I'm obsessed with helping Mompreneurs turn their BIG dreams into reality.

Through my coaching, I'm redefining what it means to be a working Mama.

I want to completely obliterate this notion that you can be a working mom OR a SAHM. I'm aimed to shift the belief that you have to go to college and climb the corporate ladder to build a successful career or to be able to live the life of your dreams.

I'm lighting the path for Mompreneurs to have it ALL- a career that supports their dream lifestyle AND allows them to fully present at home!

I am so glad you are here! Together we can change the landscape for our daughters and those who will come after us!

Amanda Masterson, Master Certified Life Coach

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